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Our Culture

We’ve worked hard to create the right culture to enable our teams to be the best they can. It’s built on mutual respect, empowerment, collaboration, continual learning and openness.

It’s all about taking responsibility, seizing opportunities and supporting each other. Anyone can talk to anyone, we haven’t got a strict hierarchy, and we recognize that input from the whole team is essential to progressing new initiatives and implementing new ideas.

Having fun is core to elite performance. High performance teams consist of incredible talent. SGI has built a culture for people with an exceptional attitude, people who really love their job.


reasons to
join source

Industry leading incentives

Regular incentives for our high performers: SG HIGH Flyers, SGI Lunch Club, SGI Trips

Employee Satisfaction Survey

Team spirit 100%

Management style 91%

Culture/Social aspect 86%

Overall experience working at Source 100%

Diverse Culture / Employees

11 different nationalities

14 languages

Career progression

Achieve your billings

Demonstrate your core values

Display the right skills

Social Events

Annual Summer BBQ, Annual Awards and Christmas Party, SGI Socials, SGI Fridays and more..

Commission Structure

Up to 35% Commission based on performance + discretionary bonus

Relocation Opportunities

We currently have offices in LA, Zug, London, New York and Houston…

Double in turnover & headcount

Since 2015 we’ve grown to a headcount of 46 and a projected turnover of £40m

Award Winning

CV Magazine 2018 Recruitment Elite Awards – Recommended Technology Recruitment Firm

Internal Employee Awards


Best Team : Technical Engineering

Peoples Person: Rob Pollington

Top Perm Biller: Jack Marsh

Top Contract Biller: Dan Green


Raising money this year for Mind and Gosh with a target of £5k

Flexible Working Arrangements

Weekly flexi- time and staggered hours, remote working

Sarah’s journey

From trainee to top performer in less than 2 years Sarah started at Source Technology at the age of 19, having dropped out of uni, with just 3 months experience of work – a radical departure from our usual ‘experienced only’ hiring strategy! Initial training saw her move across various desks before she settled in our UK Technology Contract team. Matt and the team provided a mix of at-desk support, one on one mentoring and formal classroom training.  She quickly mastered the demands of a ‘360’ recruitment role, the systems and sourcing channels we use and the art of relationship management.   An avid learner, Sarah picked up courses, read extensively and attended events, becoming an expert in her niche with…

Raz’s Journey

SGI's very own Wonder Woman.  Raz joined Source Technology in 2017 after changing career completely and what a journey she's been on in just two years, 5 promotions taking her to Manager of the Nordics Desk focussing on Sweden. Her background is the Telecom industry and previous to joining Source worked at Telenor 7 years.  From Sales assistant to Manager to Regional Sales Development manager. Raz is highly regarded amongst both her peers, candidates and clients alike. She has provided constant support to her, with 2 of her team getting promoted in less than a year. In 2019 Raz billed over £200k in 20 deals, qualified for High Flyers, attended every lunch club, and displayed the SGI values every step…

Christine’s journey

‘Xplore-ing’ new markets! One of our early hires to the Xplore Life Science brand, Christine has had an unconventional career to date at SGI.Her initial role as a Contract Recruiter working mostly on Clinical roles helped to establish Xplore as a reputable player in the life sciences recruitment and talent space.  After bringing on board new business, a couple of promotions and a performance leading to plenty of Lunch Clubs, Christine decided she wanted to stay within the Group, but take a completely new direction. Along with another colleague, she decided to relocate to our LA office to work with Jack Marsh and his fledgling US operation. In LA Christine jumped into a new Geography and new market, moving her…

Jack’s journey

London to LA Jack joined Source Technology in Jan 2017 as a young, enthusiastic Manager ready to build out a new division and team focussed on Technical Engineering. He set about tackling the less crowded lucrative European hubs in the automotive, engineering, robotics and aerospace sectors – areas that were completely new to Source, and very challenging. Jack’s relationship management ability has underpinned his success.  He mixes an easy, relaxed personality and manner with meticulous process management, utilising our systems and data to its fullest extent, with outstanding results. “If you are looking for an example of best practice in recruitment, leadership and management, Jack is your man.  Because of this, he’s one of the most consistent top performers in…

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By now, you’ve got a flavour of what we offer, and what we expect. Simplicity, Progress and Distinction. We employ the best, set demanding standards and deliver exceptional rewards.

We’re rapidly expanding and we’re always looking for new recruits, at all levels and regardless of previous sector experience.

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