Raz’s Journey

SGI’s very own Wonder Woman. 

Raz joined Source Technology in 2017 after changing career completely and what a journey she’s been on in just two years, 5 promotions taking her to Manager of the Nordics Desk focussing on Sweden.

Her background is the Telecom industry and previous to joining Source worked at Telenor 7 years.  From Sales assistant to Manager to Regional Sales Development manager.

Raz is highly regarded amongst both her peers, candidates and clients alike. She has provided constant support to her, with 2 of her team getting promoted in less than a year.

In 2019 Raz billed over £200k in 20 deals, qualified for High Flyers, attended every lunch club, and displayed the SGI values every step of the way.

Casper Hogh

“Raz is like a ball of positive energy with a guiding touch, that makes you want to become better, not only as a recruiter, but as a person. Raz is welcoming and warm and gives you a great understanding of what it means to be SGI and where we are going within the business.”

Gavin Tew 

“Raz is committed, has an excellent work ethic and drive, beaming positivity, sales skills and humility…very few people we have ever worked with ask how to improve so frequently, which is why she succeeds.”

This is just the start to Raz’s journey at Source & SGI, she is a player to our SGI success and we look forward to seeing what the future holds for our Swedish sensation.


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