Sarah’s journey

From trainee to top performer in less than 2 years

Sarah started at Source Technology at the age of 19, having dropped out of uni, with just 3 months experience of work – a radical departure from our usual ‘experienced only’ hiring strategy!

Initial training saw her move across various desks before she settled in our UK Technology Contract team.

Matt and the team provided a mix of at-desk support, one on one mentoring and formal classroom training.  She quickly mastered the demands of a ‘360’ recruitment role, the systems and sourcing channels we use and the art of relationship management.   An avid learner, Sarah picked up courses, read extensively and attended events, becoming an expert in her niche with an extensive network of talent.

“Sarah works harder than most people.  She’s incredibly adaptable and resilient when things don’t go her way.  She’ll ask for help across the whole business, not just within her own team.  For someone of her age and experience to do a 360 role as competently and successfully as she does is really inspiring.” Ed Hall, Principal Consultant and colleague


Within a year, she was a regular contender for our quarterly lunch club incentive and had achieved her first promotion.

Within 18 months, aged just 21, she had been shortlisted for a Recruiter Investing in Talent Award for ‘Most inspiring Newcomer’ award, achieved the monthly top contract performance spot [3??] times and booked her place onto the SG High Flyers trip to Vegas.

Culturally, Sarah is a big personality across the business, ‘always up for a laugh’ and fully involved in our social events.  Sarah has a positive, collaborative outlook with a fantastic work ethic – all of which have been essential ingredients in her success to date.

“The talent that Sarah has is ridiculous.  She’s just two years in, and is already more successful than a lot of recruiters I’ve encountered with 5 years plus experience.  Drive, determination, a thirst for knowledge and her ‘glass half full’ view of the world are what makes her stand out, and why she will go on to even greater things.”  Lawrence Hargreaves, Co-Founder & Director

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