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Site Apollo, Avenue Pascal, 2-4-6, Wavre, Belgium

Posted:124 days ago
Location:Site Apollo, Avenue Pascal, 2-4-6, Wavre, Belgium
Job Ref:29844
Expiry date:11/29/2022
One of the people on her team who was a CPL on Covid on Curevac so she needs to be replaced. Similar to Dietrich. The Epi dept is going back to Value Evidence in Pharma. So really to take the full lead of the project from a Clin Dev perspective. G4 position. The project was based in the US but there is no location that is completely prescribed so can be Belgium, UK, Germany, US. 
The ideal would be someone based in Europe because Curevac is based in Germany.
  • an MD for sure
  • Clinical Development industry experience, (filing activities, development of product)
  • Experience in Covid Vaccine Development would be a plus....
  • Or Respiratory vaccine development / influenza
  • Waley was borderline CPL and they need someone to take a lot of leadership and responsibility internally and externally with Curevac
She has spoken to Sam Punt about this and told him that she would be reaching out to me for this and the request for the role is already activated.

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