Process Engineer - MSAT Tech Transfer (Cell Culture)

Geel, Antwerpen, Belgium

Posted:50 days ago
Location:Geel, Antwerpen, Belgium
Job Ref:BH-30681
Salary:€50 - €70 per hour
Expiry date:12/6/2022

We are currently recruiting for an experienced Process Engineer with strong knowledge of

Technology Transfer

to work within the MSAT (Material Science & Technology Department) 

The role is based in Geel, Belgium and you will need to be able to work on site and possess full right to work in Belgium. 

The focus of the described function is on the upstream cell culture part of the process contributing to the start-up of new production lines and improvement and monitoring of existing processes via:


- Technology transfer, initial process validation and process control strategy definition for introduction of new products and processes at manufacturing scale

- Identification of process improvements to increase yield or process robustness, and generation of a supportive data package leading to implementation at manufacturing scale

- Supporting and safeguarding existing production processes by data trending and monitoring, generation of scientific/technical study protocols and reports in support of significant changes, product impact assessments upon significant deviations in the production process and provided technical advice to questions of other departments.


- You have fluent English speaking and writing skills, knowledge of Dutch is a plus

- You have specific experience with growing mammalian cells in bioreactors; either on lab- or production scale

- You have an excellent analytical and problem-solving mindset, are accurate with the necessary eye for detail and can handle multiple tasks at once

- You are flexible and willing to support both manufacturing scale operations and set up small scale lab studies

- You have knowledge of cGMP

- You are a strong communicator, who is able to connect, go in discussion and find compromise with people in other departments or sites

- You like to work in team and consider yourself to be a good team player.

- Flexibility, stress resistance, openness to change & innovation and eagerness to meet deadlines are characteristics of Biology, preferred, extended degree (MSc or PhD

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