Database Admin

Malmo, Sweden

Posted:19 days ago
Location:Malmo, Sweden
Job Ref:BH-33688
Job Type:Contract
Expiry date:12/6/2022
Contact: Joe Branagan
Database platform

  • 12 month contract 
  • Malmo, Sweden
  • Rate depends on experience


- database service and database-level configuration.

- ensuring proper auditing and logging. Both for technical troubleshooting (Why is this query taking so long?) and for compliance purposes (Who did what to the data at what time?).

- resource sizing based on performance and data growth projections.

- disaster recovery setup.

- supporting troubleshooting efforts.


Application DBAs

- data model tuning (based on querying patterns)

- supporting other developers with physical data modelling

- setting up application-oriented performance monitoring for critical queries and alerts for when performance degrades significantly


Data Analyst

- Ability to understand data models on conceptual, logical and physical level.

- Ability to work with data models in both structured (tabular) and semi-structured (JSON, XML, etc) formats.

- Ability to look analyze data and extrapolate the process behind it.

- Good SQL skills are mandatory.

- Banking industry knowledge is a big plus.

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