Cyber Security System Engineer

Brussels, Belgium

Posted:62 days ago
Location:Brussels, Belgium
Job Ref:BH-33973
Job Type:Contract
Salary:Local Daily Rates
Expiry date:2/2/2023
Cyber Security System Engineer
Hybrid - Brussels, Belgium
Daily Rate: €600-€800
Contract: 12 months
Job Overview
In order to ensure that the availability and performance of the Splunk infrastructure is guaranteed and managed according to best practices, there is a requirement for infrastructure support from technical Splunk experts (Cyber Security System Engineer Senior).
What to expect
Upgrading the infrastructure (introduction of new components in the Splunk infrastructure as well as the upgrade of the existing infrastructure).
· Architecture related tasks.
· Troubleshoot and pin-point issues that might arise in the infrastructure and that have an impact on the performance and/or the availability of the Splunk platform (platform downtime, broken searches, storage issues, etc.). Remediate aforementioned issues in a
time-efficient manner and according to Splunk best practices.
· Document all performed activities (troubleshooting timeline, updates, upgrades, changes) in the EEAS content management system.
· In addition to those operational activities on the current Splunk platform the consultant will be directly involved in the migration to a new platform (design, architecture, implementation and documentation).
  • Experience developing Splunk apps is required.
  • Experience with GIT is mandatory.
  • Daily operations of the Splunk infrastructure
  • Good understanding of Splunk architecture in place at EEAS and the data sources available, in order to assist with the following activity:
  • Integrate new data sources into the EEAS Splunk infrastructure
  • Develop new Apps and add-on for EEAS specific needs.
  • Splunk Enterprise Certified Admin
  • Splunk Enterprise Security Certified Admin
  • Splunk Enterprise Certified Architect
  • General Docker knowledge and experience running Splunk on Docker infrastructure

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