Azure DevOps Engineer | Landing Zone Engineering

Egg b. Zürich, Switzerland

Posted:41 days ago
Sector:Cloud Development
Location:Egg b. Zürich, Switzerland
Job Ref:HR-3
Job Type:Permanent
Expiry date:3/27/2023
Contact:Harry Russell

Job Title: Azure Cloud Engineer - Landing Zone Engineering


Introduction: We are seeking an experienced Azure Cloud Engineer to join our team in developing and maintaining our Azure infrastructure. The ideal candidate will have a passion for cloud engineering and a strong technical background in automation and infrastructure as code.




  • Maintain and develop Azure infrastructure
  • Develop end-to-end automation of various services
  • Advise on various cloud solutions across the entire project cycle
  • Develop the Azure Cloud Foundation using Terraform
  • Ensure operational management of the Landing Zone
  • Support the introduction of new cloud services
  • Advise developers and solution architects on implementing Azure services
  • Drive innovation in the Azure environment



  • Technical IT training (BSc, MSc or similar) with practical experience
  • Experience in building a Landing Zone in Azure
  • Expertise in cloud automation (Github, Terraform, Jenkins, Powershell, CI/CD)
  • Agile experience (Scrum/SAFe)
  • Experience in developing Terraform modules
  • Microsoft Azure Administrator certification
  • Fluency in German and good English skills

Join the business in our mission to develop and maintain our Azure Cloud infrastructure.






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