Application security is facing more and more threats than ever, and companies and organisations are keen to get safe measures in place. That means hiring cyber security experts who can put these measures into place that offer superior protection. The only problem is that cyber security has a major skills gap.


Here at Source, we’ve also noticed a lack of cyber security talent ourselves. Today, we’re here to talk about why this is and how to fix it.


Cyber Skills Gap

Why is there a cyber skills shortage? There are multiple reasons. The main one is that cyber security is constantly changing. You could say this about all technology jobs, but it’s particularly true with cyber security because of the need to keep up with hackers.


The speed that software is being developed and delivered is speeding up, meaning there is a divide between developers and cyber security experts – they don’t have enough time to learn the new software.


Another reason is that there appears to be a lack of university courses that specialise in cyber security. If people can’t get the training they need, there’s no chance of them becoming cyber security professionals.


Bridging the Cyber Skills Gap

So, what can we do about bridging the cyber skills gap?


Apart from creating more training courses (that are also accessible), the challenge lies mainly with organisations and companies – they must give developers the tools to be able to keep their software safe and secure.


What are these tools? One type is security test tools that are automated, meaning they are there at the beginning of the development process, helping to ensure that security is an inbuilt part of the development from the start. These types of testing tools allow developers to address threats in a way that means they don’t have to be cybersecurity experts.


This is about the simple fact of using tools that developers can easily understand. The tools need to be integrated into developers’ everyday work processes. Unfortunately, this doesn’t happen enough.


Software developers should have a basic understanding of cyber security, but this often gets overlooked in interviews, almost like an annoying afterthought – cyber security professionals are needed to turn this into a forethought. Successful cyber security needs to be implemented at

 every stage of the development journey.


Do you work in cyber security?

There’s a skills gap to bridge, and we want to make the cyber world a safer place. If you’re a cyber security professional, you can imagine that we would want to hear from you. Apply for one of our jobs, send us your CV, or give us a call, and we’ll get the ball rolling right away.


If you’re interested in moving into cyber security, we want to hear from you as well. As you long as you have software and developer skills, we may be able to find a way for you to move in the cyber security direction. Take up the call and help out the struggle against cybercrime.


When you contact us, we’ll start the process off by getting to you know a bit better. We want to know about your previous experience, your career goals, and your aspirations. That way, we can put you forward for better job matches. Not all recruitment agencies do this, and we found that they were treating their talent like a commodity to be bartered with. This is something that we’ve always felt passionate about.


Get in touch with us now, and we’ll help you take the next step in your career. We’re looking forward to hearing from you.



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