Gus Firth
Office Location
WeWork, Senna Building, Gorsuch Pl, London E2 8JF
Software Engineering

Hey there, I'm Gus! đź‘‹

Here's what I'm all about:

đź“‹ What I do: 
• Focus on delivering high quality React.js, Typescript & Node.js engineers to Enterprise & Scale-Up clients in Germany 
• Host an Engineering Leadership Roundtable & The Tech Lab Podcast in Berlin. 

đź’» Why work with me? 
• 4+ years of experience in software engineering recruitment in Germany. 
• offer a personalized approach to every client; detailed candidate reports, effective face-to-face meetings to analyze clients financial & skill-shortage needs, attrition & retention strategies, and tracker analysis against competitors.
• I value feedback and always strive to improve my work. 
• I build and manage communities of engineers beyond the traditional LinkedIn and headhunting methods. 
• I have a strong network of over 300 Engineering Leaders in Berlin.

📱 Tech I love to recruit for: 
• Backend: Node.js, Express, Nest.js, Typescript, Javascript, Golang, Microservices. 
• Frontend: React.js, React Native, Angular, Vue.js, HTML, CSS, Micro-Frontends, Apollo Client. 
• AWS, GCP, TDD, Serverless, MongoDB, DynamoDB, Lambda, PostgreSQL.

🌏 My passions outside of work? 
• Sunday League Football 
• Supporting QPR 
• Tennis 
• Watching UFC 
• Travelling

👨‍đź’» If you're interested in attending any tech leadership events (Podcasts & Roundtables) or hiring freelancers for your business, feel free to reach out to me personally and send me a message at: 

+44 7557 818 730 📲 ✉️ 🚀