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Source Group International hit 2 Stars for Best Companies

We are delighted to announce our 2-star accreditation for the Best Companies workplace engagement survey.

SGI has been described as a well-led, well-managed organisation throughout the pandemic with this being demonstrated through an ‘outstanding’ commitment to workplace engagement.

Co-Founders & Directors, Lawrence Hargreaves & Gavin Tew said, “Despite these unprecedented and uncertain times, our SGI culture has thrived, which is a testament to the character, excellence and performance of each and every one of the team”.

2020 has turned SGI upside down, and moved us into remote working, but through teamwork and clear communication, it’s turned out to be a pretty excellent year!

“The company launched and maintained a variety of schemes and campaigns throughout the #covid19 pandemic to support the physical and mental wellbeing of employees.

Employees were challenged to film their own fitness videos to help them get away from their desks and get up & active🏃️. They were also invited to take an hour away from their desks and take part in a virtual workout with a fitness instructor 💪”

Throughout remote working, we’ve looked at various methods to support the physical & mental wellbeing of our people, it’s our commitment to make progress, and constantly improve our approaches throughout SGI.


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