Robotics have come a long way in a relatively short time, and although there is still a definite gap between science fiction and science fact it’s shrinking with every passing day. That’s why there is no better time to be involved in the world of robotics. Are you interested in finding some great robotics software engineer jobs to apply for? Source Technology should be one of your first ports of call for robotics software engineer jobs, if you are.

We have firmly established ourselves as a leading name in the world of technology recruitment agencies. Despite having only been in operation since 2015, we have built an enviable reputation based on the work we have done with more than 300 clients, many of which who use our services again when they have robotics jobs.

The reason we feel we have been particularly successful in robotics jobs is down to a number of things. The previous experience in the industry that our founders brought to the agency when they set it up. Along with that, the fact that we are extremely fussy about who we choose to take on as recruiters. We expect them to be at the top of their game and only want the best of the best.

Furthermore, and possibly most crucial, is the fact that compared to other agencies, we take a very people-centred approach to robotics software engineer jobs recruitment. We are not concerned about ridiculous numerical targets or ticking boxes. We are interested in ensuring that the people we work with are satisfied.

If both our clients and candidates are happy, then we are happy. Which is why we take the responsibility of helping individuals to meet their potential in dream positions seriously.

Our process often takes longer and is more intensive than other recruiters, but it works.

After an initial consultancy, used to establish the kind of work you are looking for, as well as any special requirements you have, we can then help whittle down the thousands of robotics jobs there may be to find the ones that best suit you.

From there we will assist and aid you as you apply and if any applications are successful, we will coach you and offer recommendations about how you should approach interviews.

When you successfully land that dream role, our input doesn’t stop there. We will help you with the documentation and getting settled into your new robotics jobs and keep tabs on you in the months that follow to ensure you are satisfied and getting on well.

Before we can do any of that, you need to contact us. You can do this either by submitting your CV using the special button on this page or by emailing or calling us.

We look forward to hearing from you and helping you!