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Top tips for discovering a recruitment career in Chicago

Recruitment is an alluring field in Chi-town. So, we’ve collected our top tips for discovering a recruitment career in Chicago. These include things you might not have considered like how your online profiles portray you and who you know locally. 


  • Reach out to your network – You may know someone (who knows someone) who is looking for a recruiter. If you don’t have a network, build one. Look for meetup groups and local organisations dedicated to business and get involved. 
  • Apply, apply, apply – Even if you don’t have any specific experience, you can still go for entry-level recruitment roles with just your high school diploma. If you make enough good applications, you might get a bite or two. And your info will be in their databases for the future as well.
  • Go solo – While you’d need to buy some recruitment software and take some courses, it is possible to start your own firm or work as a self-employed consultant. This is the riskiest option however as it requires a lot of up-front funding. 
  • Hire someone to look for you – Look for a recruiter who focuses on hiring into the recruitment space. They can go to market on your behalf but also tailor your resume for the right roles. 
  • Clean up your online presence – You never know who is looking at your public profiles. Remember that you want to portray the same professionalism online that you would in person.  
  • Turn your flag on – Update LinkedIn to reflect your interest in a recruitment role and the great skills you have. You’ll want to show off your time management, organisation, communication, sales, tech and phone skills. If you’re lacking, there are plenty of free online courses that can help. 
  • Make some calls – Google can quickly provide you with the details of local Chicago recruitment firms. Pick up the phone and ask them if they’ve got anything that might be a good fit. Even if they don’t right now – they may soon 


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