There is more to the medical profession than those on the front line of care. For example, there are various medical writing jobs available throughout the industry. If you are interested in working with people at the cutting edge of medical science, helping them write and edit clinical research and medical studies then we may be able to help you at Xplore Life Science.

We are a highly experienced and specialist live science and pharmaceutical recruitment agency who have been in operation since 2017. Founded by serial recruitment entrepreneurs and industry stalwarts, Gavin Tew and Lawrence Hargreaves, we have the backing of leaders in our organisation who have more than 20 years of experience.

We believe that is part of the reason for our strong reputation, alongside our ability to get results. Both our clients and medical writing jobs candidates will attest to the fact we are meticulous and almost forensic when it comes to the recruitment process.

Too many agencies focus on reaching goals and filling vacancies. We are more concerned with finding the right candidate for the right medical writing jobs. Time is often of the essence and as we are dealing with medically important vacancies often, it’s even more pertinent that we help companies swiftly.

Don’t expect the application process to be a swift one. There are plenty of other recruitment consultancy firms you could try your luck with. However, if you are serious about working in one of the many medical devices jobs, we regularly have to fill for our esteemed clients, then please get in contact with us.

This is simple to do, as there are three basic options – you can email. Telephone or even use the option on most pages to upload your CV. The latter favours those who have little free time.

Don’t worry though, whichever method you choose, you will hear back from a qualified and professional recruiter who will be able to help get the ball rolling with your application. We are not only interested in your qualifications, though many of the positions we are tasked to find suitable candidates for, require specialist training and degrees. Rather, we want to also know what makes you different from the other medical writing jobs candidates.

Don’t be alarmed if we ask seemingly very personal and unrelated questions. Our recruiters need to understand why we should be your advocate to our clients. Convince us why.