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Why hire an IT contractor?

When you’ve got a specialist short-term project or need cover during busy periods a contractor is the ideal flexible solution. This is particularly true for the IT sector where there’s a demand for niche or high-level industry knowledge. 

IT Contractors are in demand for their expertise and immediate availability. But finding the right IT contractor isn’t always straightforward.

IT Contract Recruitment Experts

Our IT contract recruitment specialists allow you to rapidly scale your IT capability to meet project demands because we’ve got the network to draw on. With 50,000+ IT contractors in our specialist database, we’re able to find the right person, in the right location with the right skills.

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How we can help you

  • Extensive specialist IT consultant database of 50,000+ candidates

  • Specialised industry platforms and networks

  • The Source contract team fills contract vacancies from start to finish in just 21 days

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Some of the roles we recruit for

  • Java Developer

  • Oracle Consultant 

  • Business Analyst

  • Data Migration Consultant

  • PHP Engineer

  • Cloud Security Developer

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We've pretty much tackled every hurdle imaginable when it comes to finding top-notch contractor tech experts.

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