Join the Source Talks team for our next JVM London Meetup, with speaker Filippo Di Pisa.

Event begins @ 6pm BST Thurs, 24th November via zoom.

The meetup will be an introduction to Web3 and creating generative Art NFTs in Java.

Filippo has recently taken an interest in Web3 and NFTs; currently, he is working on a new title, “NFTs in Java.”

In the talk, he will aim to introduce Web3 and its distinctions from the existing Web. As well as demonstrating to the audience how to use Java and other tools to build an NFT Collection. Finally, he will guide us through the process of developing a decentralized NFT program (DApp) and uploading it to the Ethereum testing network.

Event Schedule:

- Introduction to Web3

- The internet of assets

- Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs)

- Generate NFT with Java

- The Java ART Engine

- Q/A

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