You're Invited to Source Talks: On Scala #2 with Scalac!


Our 2nd webinar of the series is in partnership with Scalac; our guest speaker is Software Developer Łukasz Gajowy from Scalac. In the session, he will explore Monitoring Scala applications with Mesmer & OpenTelemetry.


Łukasz Gajowy is a Software Developer, Apache Committer (Beam), and a good software design enthusiast. He enjoys statically-typed functional programming, working with cutting-edge technologies and doing technical research for new projects.


Scalac is a software house focused on implementing new technologies like ZIO and solving real challenges faced by the companies they work with. Those challenges include scaling up solutions for HealthTech, FinTech, and Blockchain industries. 


Mesmer is an OpenTelemetry Agent extension that allows you to add metrics and traces to your application without modifying its code. The extension automatically detects the libraries you use to alter their bytecode so that telemetry can be collected for you. The project started by instrumenting some Akka metrics to then extend its functionality with ZIO metrics and more to come, as the project still is in its early stages. Thanks to the fact that it's fully integrated with OpenTelemetry, it benefits fully from its features, toolset, and ease of configuration. 


Our event is for any Scala enthusiasts looking to delve deeper into the language and its ecosystem. The series will bring thought and business leaders together, discussing the interesting, current topics and the challenges they solve with Scala daily.


Whether you prefer Lightbend or Typelevel, Zio or Monix, we want to create a community where we can discuss the latest developments and architectures and how Scala is being used to solve some of the most exciting business problems in software engineering.


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