Join Ben Dale, Manager at Source Technology, as he interviews David Denton. This interview explores http4K, the web library written in Kotlin, why it was developed, and the key benefits of using the library. 

David Denton is a London-based Engineering Lead, Trainer, and Open Source fanatic. He's been tippy tapping for about two decades, building software and teams delivering projects working in Finance, Publishing, Internet Provision and the COVID-prevention business. He is the co-creator of http4k, a functional toolkit for building HTTP applications in Kotlin, and spends far too much time thinking about Lego.

Interview Highlights:

  • Simplicity

From an applications angle and back-end perspective, microservices are the most popular.

  • Front-end

Kotlin has seen a lot of interest from front-end engineers because it has aspects of functional programming and strong typing. 

  • Developer Experience 

One of our key beliefs is to keep it as simple as possible, with no magic. Every piece of code you can click through and trace exactly what's happening.

About http4k:

David created http4k in 2017 as a lightweight, functional alternative to the more heavyweight HTTP frameworks that were available at the time. Since then, the project has gained a following in the Kotlin community and has continued to evolve with contributions from other developers. Today, http4k is maintained as an open-source project on GitHub and is used by companies and developers worldwide to build high-performance, scalable HTTP services in Kotlin.

Http4k is a lightweight, type-safe HTTP library for Kotlin, designed to make it easy to build HTTP services in a functional style. It provides a simple and expressive API for handling HTTP requests and responses and supports server and client-side development.

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