When you are looking to appoint a new candidate or want to revamp your recruitment process to appeal to the right applicants, then hiring a recruitment company may be the best step forward. So many businesses do not have the time or people required to adequately sift and screen the growing number of applications received, so maybe it is time to let a recruitment agency support your recruitment process.



So many people are led to believe that recruitment consultants just provide a pile of CVs and any randomly selected candidate to undertake the job you need. This is really not the case anymore. Recruitment agencies have come a long way since their inception and now provide in-depth and personalised recruitment solutions so that you can focus more on what your business aims are rather than wasting time trying to source the right people.



From pre-screening applicants and providing you with appropriate candidates to running extensive recruitment campaigns for your business, recruiters offer a diverse range of options. The key to getting what you need is to work with your team to find out what is missing from your recruitment process and then find a recruiter that has the skills that are currently lacking.

Many recruiters are working hard to rid themselves of the negative perceptions that companies have about them, and part of this process has been to offer a more bespoke service that aligns with your business model and needs. So when it comes to finding your next hire, share your needs with your recruiter and see what options they offer.



Whether we like it or not, there will be times when you recruit someone that just does not hit the mark. They may have had an amazing application, a flawless interview and outstanding references but are not performing the role in the way you’d imagined. This can be difficult to manage, especially if you have offered them a permanent contract right off the bat.


With a recruiter, you can benefit from a temp to perm arrangement whereby the recruiter employs the person and pays them while you pay the recruiter. When you are satisfied with the candidate and a specific period of time has elapsed, you can then offer them a contract without paying the recruiter to release them. This system is ideal if you’ve been burned in the past and want the time to assess a candidate as they do the job.



Your business aims will always be linked to the outcomes you are trying to achieve and, unless you are a recruiter, these aims are unlikely to centre around recruitment! When you use a recruiter, you are getting access to a team have been put together to find the right candidates for your job vacancies.


Recruiters are only ever successful if they achieve the results you need and so they will spend more time and effort screening and interviewing potential people to ensure that they only ever send you the quality staff you need.



If you are tired of recruiting people who don’t deliver then maybe it is time that you gave a recruiter the chance to show you what they can do! A good recruiter will work hand in hand with you and provide a recruitment partnership that delivers the results you need. Why not call Source Technology today to find out how we can help you achieve the results you need? We’d love to work with you!



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