Source Group International were proudly represented by staff members at the Hot 100 awards on January 30th. SGI was awarded the 36th best agency overall for efficiency and profitability, which is a considerable achievement considering how good the competition is.

We proudly celebrate being recognized for our dedication to ensuring our candidates, clients, and communities are represented with the utmost care and accuracy.


The "Recruiter Hot 100" looks at overall financial and operational performance. 

  • Assessing fee income/head 
  • Headcount growth 
  • Sector performance 
  • Overall performance 

The 2022-2023 tech hiring market was one of the more challenging in recent memory. We see this as a trophy for the dedication and diligence of our team, being able to beat the odds and achieve consistently excellent results throughout the year.

SGI is keen to build on the momentum of the criteria, hoping to rank even higher at next year's Recruiter Hot 100. 

A big SGI thank you to, the event organizers, and the venue staff for a spectacular evening. We can't wait for next year!

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