On Thursday 30th November, Managing Director of Scale Search, Cian Loughnane, and Head of Marketing at SGI, Rebecca Lauder-Fletcher, paid an exciting visit to Morgan Stanley. 

SGI’s invitation was extended as part of an inspiring initiative organized by Caroline McLoughlin, the leader behind Net Eire, Co-operation Ireland, and their Student Diversity Program.

Event Overview

The event aims to open doors for students from Northern Ireland and London, particularly those from disadvantaged backgrounds in order to build excitement for their futures. Growing up in Dublin himself, Cian, now one of the top executive recruiters in the business, saw this as the perfect chance to share his journey and wisdom with the next generation of bright and ambitious minds. Instilling the idea that a career at an institution like Morgan Stanley is well within their reach. The intention behind this inspired event is to give actionable advice through a workshop put together by Rebecca and Cian running interview scenarios and offering guidance on how to stand out and make a lasting impression.

Interview Masterclass

The budding students of the Net Eire, Co-operation Ireland program were given scenarios such as applying and discussing open positions at Morgan Stanley. This “interview masterclass” was tailored for students who want to step into the business world and leave the workshop feeling inspired, educated, and ambitious enough to work towards a prosperous career.

Cian's Remarks

Cian Loughnane shared his experience from the day and what being involved in the Co-operation Ireland project was like. Here’s what he had to say…

What the Students Took Away from It:

After a tour of the trading floor, students were asked why a candidate gets hired. Interestingly, their answers mirrored closely to what most executives Cian coaches. Showcase your experience and draw connections as to how that aligns with the position you’re applying for. From here a mock interview was staged between Cian, Rebecca and the students where they learned to demonstrate career achievements, align themselves with the desired company's values, and present themselves effectively.

Why SGI and Scale Search Are Dedicated to These Projects:

In the UK, 15 million people live in poverty, including 4.2 million children. It is imperative that there are programs out there that let children and young people from less fortunate backgrounds know that with the right guidance, dedication and consistency, that these jobs are well within their reach. 

Cian emphasizes the societal duty to help the less fortunate realize their potential, citing a study that shows females from lower economic backgrounds take 21% longer to progress to senior roles. At SGI we want that to change and the driving purpose behind Co-operation Ireland is to push economic benefits and diversity within these legacy institutions. So it couldn’t have been a better match and cause for us to get involved in.

In Conclusion

Cian (Scale Search) and Rebecca (SGI) were both an absolute credit to the SGI brand and team. They are delighted to have been invited to see Caroline's brilliant program in action, and are thrilled to share their knowledge with future minds, that will one day hopefully continue the legacy of institutions like Morgan Stanley.

If you would like to find out more about the Net Eire, Co-operation Ireland, and their Student Diversity Program be sure to check out their website for more info.

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