Source Talks: The Tech Lab – Episode 1

In our first episode, Gus Firth sat down with Nuno Simaria, former CTO at HelloFresh and now the CTO at TIER Mobility, for a fascinating discussion on scaling and hiring. We're thrilled to have Nuno as our first guest on the podcast, and we hope you enjoy listening to his insights as much as we did.

Throughout the episode, Nuno shared his insights on building high-performing teams and the challenges of retaining top engineering talent. He also discussed his experiences working in both the startup space and large enterprises, offering valuable advice on creating an environment for success.

One of the most interesting aspects of the episode was Nuno's journey into the tech industry. He shared how software captured his heart and offered advice to junior software engineers looking to follow in his footsteps. We even got his opinion on the new generation of 'Gen Z' hires, offering unique insights into what companies should look for in these up-and-coming tech professionals.

Source Talks: The Tech Lab will investigate numerous factors that contribute to building, growing, and maintaining effective engineering teams. Hiring trends we'll discuss throughout the podcast series include diversity & inclusion, hybrid working, developing leadership, proactive candidate engagement, and preparing for the future workforce. 

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