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It’s a new year now, and that means lots of new technological innovations. Keep reading for our top technology trends of 2022.


Virtual Worlds

Starting off our list with a bang, we’ve got one of the biggest game changers in the technology sector – virtual worlds. Like it says on the tin, a virtual world is an online environment when people can meet, work, and play. We already have this technology in the form of MMORPGs (massively multiplayer online role-playing games), but a virtual world won’t be like a game – it will try to mimic real life as closely as possible.

Think Facebook – but in real life. In fact, Facebook (Meta) will be behind the biggest push of this technology with their metaverse. Heralded as the next phase of the internet, think of it as an augmented or extended reality, blurring the lines of digital and real life.

Jobs for these virtual worlds may include avatar designers and research scientists.


3D Printing

Like a lot of other technologies, 3D printing has actually been around for a while now but has never fully taken off. But this might be the year for 3D printing, thanks to the ability to make 3D-printed houses. How is this possible? It just requires putting all the housing materials – concrete, plastics, sand, etc – into a huge 3D printer, which then ‘prints’ out homes.



Cryptocurrency is another example of a new technology that is yet to fully get rolling. Experts are predicting that 2022 will be the year that crypto becomes more mainstream, meaning the average person could start using it as part of their regular finances.

What are the signs that crypto will become more mainstream? The main one is that the Central American country El Salvador became the first country to use bitcoin as legal tender in 2021. Other countries, such as Sweden and Canada, are also considering making the crypto move in 2022


Electric aviation

You might get bored of us saying this, but electric aviation is another one of those technologies that has been around for a while without getting off the ground. With the need to lessen carbon emissions becoming more immediate due to global warming, the technology has been given a bit of a kick. The only thing holding electric aviation back now is battery technology.

So, what does this mean? It’s fairly straightforward – planes are going electric. Expect to see smaller electric planes in 2022 and 2023, and the bigger ones to come in the years after that.


Artificial intelligence


The last one on our list – artificial intelligence – is one that makes it onto our lists every single year, and that’s because there’s something new for it every year.


What’s new for AI in 2022? Conversational AI has made a lot of progress, with the ability for it to now argue in conversations. Social robots are expected to make big leaps as well, with the ability for these robots to become more customising, meaning that the robot will speak different to every human it meets.


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