Jack’s journey

London to LA

Jack joined Source Technology in Jan 2017 as a young, enthusiastic Manager ready to build out a new division and team focussed on Technical Engineering.

He set about tackling the less crowded lucrative European hubs in the automotive, engineering, robotics and aerospace sectors – areas that were completely new to Source, and very challenging.

Jack’s relationship management ability has underpinned his success.  He mixes an easy, relaxed personality and manner with meticulous process management, utilising our systems and data to its fullest extent, with outstanding results.

“If you are looking for an example of best practice in recruitment, leadership and management, Jack is your man.  Because of this, he’s one of the most consistent top performers in the business with a host of awards to prove it.  Under his guidance, many of his team members have also gone on to thrive.”

Gavin Tew, co-Founder & Director

The next chapter – cracking America

Jack joined as a Manager and was quickly promoted to Associate Director, then Director.  He grew the Technical Engineering and European parts of the business rapidly, then turned his attention to the USA, a market that he identified as ripe with opportunity.

He started working the market seriously from the UK in the middle of 2018, and plans were put in place for him to relocate and start up a US based office.

Jan 2019 saw him relocate to West Hollywood, LA, soon to be joined by two other UK based senior members of the team.

Jack has big ambitions for the US operation, planning to double the team, add markets and ultimately to challenge our London HQ on all key business metrics!

 “Jack is an extremely ambitious character who has been instrumental in our growth and development to date.  He relishes challenges and opportunities, and is living proof that, at Source, you really can achieve anything if you want it badly enough.”

Lawrence Hargreaves, Co-Founder & Director

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