Case Study: Supporting Swisscard GmbH's Development Overhaul

This case study explores Source Technology's collaboration with Swisscard GmbH, a leading financial services provider in Switzerland, during a critical phase of its technological development.

Challenges and Solutions:

Swisscard embarked on a comprehensive overhaul of its development processes, requiring urgent recruitment efforts. They needed to migrate legacy platforms, implement new scheduling frameworks, and transition to a new enterprise data system. Time-sensitive placements were crucial for successful implementation.

Our solution seamlessly integrated qualified passive candidates, individuals not actively seeking new positions, into the recruitment process. This approach helped maintain control while expanding the pool of potential candidates. Collaboration with the Swisscard team also ensured an efficient and effective interview process. By adhering to Swisscard's timelines and maintaining professionalism throughout, Source Technology facilitated a smooth and successful recruitment experience.

Measurable Impact:

This collaboration resulted in eight highly skilled professionals being placed within just two months. These individuals possessed diverse skillsets in Java, C#, SharePoint Control, Microsoft Dynamics, and Informatica PowerCenter, significantly contributing to Swisscard's development goals. Furthermore, Source Technology provided comprehensive relocation support, ensuring a smooth transition for several recruited candidates.

Key Takeaways:

This case study offers valuable insights for hiring managers in the financial services sector, showcasing how Source Technology can:

  • Address complex technological challenges within the industry.
  • Implement strategic recruitment processes for rapid and effective candidate acquisition.
  • Facilitate seamless relocations for recruited talent, promoting team stability.

Further Information:

Download our case study now for further insights into the specific details of the collaboration and our approach. 

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