Transforming Allianz's Data Centers with Source Technology

This case study showcases how Source Technology helped Allianz SE consolidate 140 data centers into five strategic ones, supporting their cloud computing investment.

Challenges and Solutions:

Allianz needed to streamline their data centers and migrate applications to AWS/Azure. Source Technology provided expert resources in Network Engineering, Virtualization, Cloud Architecture, and Service Management to ensure cost-effective and timely delivery. They also negotiated contracts for ongoing support.

Strategic Partnership:

Source Technology's efforts resulted in successful data center transformation, high availability of critical applications, and the foundation for Allianz's Global Data Platform.

Over 2-3 years, they delivered 20 key hires, including DevOps, Data, and Data Platform Engineers.

Key Takeaways:

  • Address large-scale data center consolidation and cloud migration.
  • Provide expert technical resources and manage SI partner delivery.
  • Support critical IT infrastructure projects and ensure long-term success.

Further Information:

To learn more about Source Technology's approach and the specific details of its collaboration with Allianz, download our case study now.

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