Supporting Wallee AG's Rapid Team Expansion

This case study explores how we assisted Wallee AG, a financial services company, in scaling its engineering team significantly.

Challenges and Solutions:

Wallee, a rapidly growing company, secured funding to double its overall headcount. This brief included expanding the engineering team from 10 to 30 members within a strict six-month timeframe and budget. 

As their existing recruitment partner underperformed, Wallee partnered with Source Technology to bolster their efforts.

Our approach involved several key elements:

  • Comprehensive review: Conducted a thorough analysis of Wallee's existing recruitment process, identifying areas for improvement.
  • Targeted solution: Implementing a tailored strategy, assigning a dedicated resource to build a strong candidate pipeline aligned with Wallee's needs.
  • Structured hiring: A precise sourcing plan ensures the recruitment process focuses on attracting and selecting candidates with the required skills and experience.
  • Efficient interview process: We established a streamlined two-stage interview process, reducing time-to-hire while maintaining quality standards.
  • Fast communication: Our commitment to a 48-hour Service Level Agreement (SLA) guaranteed swift feedback for all parties involved.

Measurable Success:

Through this collaborative partnership, Source Technology emerged as Wallee's top recruitment partner, exceeding expectations with:

  • Fourteen successful placements: Meeting the specific hiring needs within the timeframe.
  • High-quality filtering: 75% of shortlisted candidates progressed to the first interview stage.
  • Cost-effective recruitment: All placements remained within the predefined budget.
  • Top talent acquisition: An impressive 90% offer acceptance rate and 100% probationary period success for recruited candidates.
  • Faster hiring: We reduced time-to-hire to a remarkable 13 days.

Client Testimonial Inside - CTO

Further Information:

Download the complete case study to gain further insights into the specific details of this collaboration and Source Technology's approach. 

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