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SGI more than just recruitment… #LoveSGI

#LoveSGI is our new and exciting media series looking through the keyhole at our SGI talent. At the center of everything we do is our talent, it’s what makes us, it’s as simple as that.

We’ll be interviewing our talent and finding out a little about more about them and what makes them SGI.

This week we caught up with Josh Santiago, one of our rising stars in the NY office. Alongside excelling at SGI, Josh has a pretty cool side hustle. Josh is part of Loop Troupe Family Band, a Brooklyn-based arts group specialising in the production of music and comedy in both a live and recorded setting. The group were founded in 2017 and have bene performing across the city since.

Josh has a background in theater and performance, after studying a Bachelor of Science at SUNY Oneota, he joined the SGI family in August 2019, as his first recruitment role.

SGI: So, Josh, tell us about your background?

JS: Well, I’ve always been surrounded by music, having a recording studio in my family home. After studying Theater and Performing Arts, I tried out professional acting and managed a theater, I’ve also taught music and theater. I currently do a bit of acting alongside my music and my SGI career.

SGI: Wow, impressive background and resume! Do you think having a theatrical background has helped with your success in recruitment?

JS: Oh, performing is about confidence, and if you can perform in front of 200 people a scene from Arthur Miller, then you can engage in one on one conversations and calls. Recruitment is very much like theater, it’s a meaningful performance, where you’ve got to use your skills and perform to your best to win over your audience.

SGI: Well it’s clear you’ve got a vibrant personality, easy to talk to and friendly, all necessary for great customer relations. So, what’s your music style, your go to song?

JS: Well I’m a big fan of Grateful Dead, Parliament Funkadelic, and the Beatles. Our genre is a combination of Funk, Hip-hope, combination and folk, it brings out the performance and fun of music.

SGI: That sounds great and a little bit different. So, we’ve heard you’ve got a gig coming in a couple of weeks? Do tell us more!

JS: Well it’s a Beatles valentines gig on Feb 14. Dance Party with Live music, we’ve got guests singers joining us for the evening too. The event’s at Baby’s All Right, 146 Broadway, Brooklyn, NY 1121.

Tickets are $15 and we’re on at 8:15pm with the night starting at 7:15pm

SGI: Well sign us up! It sounds like a fun night!

JS: Here’s the link!

That was our first #LoveSGI, we hope you enjoyed finding out about our SGI talent. Here’s an extra treat, if you’re in NY and fancy popping along to Loop Troup’s gig, then drop us an email and we’ll get you a discounted entry!

SGI New York are on the search for new talent to join the team – you don’t need to be experienced to join the team, you just need ambition and the desire to succeed! If you’re interested or know someone in your network who has what it takes to succeed in recruitment then get in touch, we can’t wait to hear from you.




By: Rebecca Lauder-Fletcher

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