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New Year, Better You?

We’ve made it through the first working week of Jan (hoorah!) we can finally see a light in the darkness. By this point, you’ve either continued our New Year’s Resolutions, or sadly disregarded them and fallen back into our 2019 selves. Wherever you are, it’s not too late to make a better decision and a few important choices for 2020, and it doesn’t mean reinventing yourself. Here are the SGI 2020 New Year, Better You, top tips for success!

Set your targets

It’s all well and good setting your vague resolutions on New Y11ear’s Eve, but how can you ensure you keep to them? Your targets and goals for the year should be SMART- Specific, Measured, Agreed upon, Realistic and Time-based. Set yourself realistic and achievable bitesize goals you know you can reach. Setting your goals in increments make them more attainable. You can also break down the goals into sections, work, social life, relationships, hobbies – whatever fits for you to complete the goal.

Celebrate you

New Year can easily be a rabbit hole welcoming low self-esteem. You’ve had a month of festive celebrations in December and then suddenly it hits you, have you really achieved all you’d have liked to in the past year? It’s far too easy to find yourself falling into feelings about all the things you didn’t achieve. But before you end up in Wonderland, take a step back and celebrate you. Look at your achievements and positives from the past year and celebrate. You can also use this opportunity to look at the goals that you’ve not quite reached and decide if you need them for 2020.

A motivational uplift

Podcasts are one of our motivational uplifts. Why not choosing a podcast for your commute that explores motivation, positivity, and goals. No matter how difficult your day is, a podcast a light-hearted yet effective way for a slice of positive spirit. Here are our top podcasts:

The Accidental Creative

Being Boss

Ted Radio Hour

The Daily

Check them out and try to listen to one.

Our second motivational uplift are blogs and online sources available at your convenience.

Tiny Buddha

Addicted 2 Success

Pick the Brain

Try them out!

Create your Routine

Success is directly connected to routine, and to be a better you, it’s essential to get your routine just right. Think about Serena Williams – she lives by her routine, Mark Zuckerberg – would be nowhere without his routine, Bill Gates – would not be the most successful entrepreneur without routine.

Routine for you can be as simple as setting a daily alarm, and not pressing snooze. Creating daily tasks at work, jumping into the gym on a regular basis. Start your routine, and stick to it, and you’re halfway there to success.

It’s time to make 2020 your year, think about being the better you and take this year in your stride.

By: Rebecca Lauder-Fletcher

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