If you’re starting your career in recruiting or you’ve been in the game a while, you probably want to excel. Working in recruitment is vibrant, exciting and liberating. So, it’s natural you’d want to turn it into a life-long career. Here are our top 10 tips to be the best recruitment consultant you can be. And no, finding passive candidates isn’t one of them. We’re going deeper today to help you succeed in this field.


Recruitment consultant tips 


  1. Build a network - You won’t function well as an island in this industry. You’ll need to dig your roots into the business community and candidate pool for wherever you operate to make sure you’re not missing opportunities for new roles or CVs.
  2. Write great job ads - Everyone is busy these days. They don’t have time to read long and wordy corporate dribble.

  3. Look at market trends - What businesses are coming to the area and who will they need to recruit? What about government spending- have any projects been announced? Build an unconventional pipeline.

  4. Take good notes - Remember details from what your client’s share that might help you make placements later on.

  5. Input everything online - Allow modern recruitment systems to automate the contact process for you.

  6. Invest in yourself - Take courses and improve your skills and knowledge. Don’t wait to become outdated.

  7. Find new pools - Monitor emerging social spaces to identify hidden candidates. You might get first dibs if you’re first in.

  8. Keep your word - Do what you say you will when you say you will.

  9. Add value - Think about extra ways you can support your clients and candidates at no fee. This will build goodwill.

  10. Don’t rush - If you rush through calls you can come off as uncaring or robotic. That can damage your rapport with clients and candidates.


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