Recruitment careers are in high demand right now, especially in the UK. According to Linkedin, “Demand for recruiting professionals is at [an all-time] high. Recruiting the right talent is increasingly mission-critical in today’ tight labour market. And their data shows the demand for recruiting professionals has increased 63% globally since 2016.” All over, graduates are choosing a career in recruitment for several reasons. We’re sharing the most popular six in today’s blog. 




Core to the recruitment field is the built-in flexibility. This comes from the one on one relationship you build with your clients and candidates. There is no one looking over your shoulder per se. And no one will tell you exactly what you need to do each day. Everyone in recruitment must manage their clients to ensure the correct contact frequency is in place. 




Recruitment consultants can still earn a lot of money. In general, commission structures do not have a cap at recruitment firms. Because of this commission structure, recruitment consultants can earn significantly more than other entry-level job roles. 




When you become a recruitment consultant you will build sales skills. That is not all. You’ll also develop communication skills, relationship management skills, time management skills and project management skills. You’ll become familiar with the systems required in the recruitment field including CRM, email, telephone and other tech-based skills. 




Depending on your degree you may find it easy to join as a recruitment consultant for a specialist field. Even without direct workplace experience, university or college-level training may provide you with a solid foundation to make determinations about the skills and experience of others in a similar field. 




Expect fast progression as it’s not uncommon for recruitment consultants to earn promotions in under a year. There are several levels to progress within the industry and most recruitment firms have clear and defined job roles. 




It’s also common for recruitment roles to boast attractive benefits packages. Graduates are choosing a career in recruitment often for these soft rewards. Think pensions, reward schemes, corporate cars, private healthcare and more. 


Considering a graduate placement in recruiting? Let’s talk about that. 


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