Here at Source, we like to see ourselves as a future-facing company. What does that mean exactly? It means we’re always looking to innovate and adapt and keep up with the latest advances in the markets that we recruit for. That’s why we write these articles – we want to make sure we’re always ahead of the curve.

One thing that is hot on topic at the moment is the programming language Kotlin. With so many other programming languages out there, many people are asking just what the future of Kotlin is and whether it’s worth pursuing a career working with this language.

Keep reading for our thoughts on the matter.

What is Kotlin?

Before we talk about the future of Kotlin, let’s go through what Kotlin actually is first.

For those of you who don’t know, Kotlin is a programming language that is open source and statically types. It was designed to work best with Java but also works with older languages as well.

Some of the biggest apps in use today were created using Kotlin. Pinterest was made possible by Kotlin’s coding language that helped to create accurate and clear code that allows for superior performance. Kotlin also allowed Trello to become more interactive using its card system. Tinder especially benefitted from Kotlin because of clear and concise coding architecture.

The future is bright for Kotlin

We’ll jump straight to the point now – Kotlin is highly likely to become the next big programming language within the next few years. Some would say that it already is the next big thing.

This is because of many reasons. One of these reasons is because Kotlin is a particularly modern programming language, meaning that it brings together all the best features of the previous languages. Kotlin is also easy to learn, while still having powerful and complex features. It is even easier to learn if you have experience in Python and or Java.

There are also great learning materials on offer for Kotlin – there are many courses that are easy-paced, and which offer key insights into the programming structure. The Kotlin developer community is also very big, meaning there are always experts that you can fall back on if you get stuck.

Now that the biggest brands have used Kotlin, we predict others will follow suit. The big brands will also need Kotlin programmers to help maintain their apps. It all adds up to Kotlin being high in demand in the next couple of years. The experience developers will be in particular demand. If you start learning now by using the wealth of information available, you’ll be setting yourself up to profit in the future.

We can help you get a Kotlin job

We hope this article has helped you to learn a little more about the future of Kotlin. In our opinion, it’s going to be a bright one. This means that if you’re looking for jobs in Kotlin Development, or if you’re just thinking about starting to learn it, there’s no better time to do it.

If you are looking for Kotlin jobs, we can certainly help with that. We’ve got close contacts with some of the biggest players in the technology industry who are literally waiting to hear from us about you. We’ll ask you some questions about your past experience and qualifications, along with information about career goals and aspirations, and then we’ll take it from there.

Get in touch with us now or apply to one of our jobs. We’re looking forward to hearing from you.


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