Whether you’re looking for that elusive first job or shifting your career focus, landing your dream role in recruitment can feel a bit tricky. When you peel back the mystery it’s relatively straightforward, as long as you’re willing to go the extra mile and commit yourself to the process. 


We’ve raked through our collective experience and pulled together our 10 steps to making that jump. 


1. Understand yourself 

Recruitment is a fast-paced, exciting career path and you need to make sure that you’re going to thrive in that environment. If you’re thinking about starting your dream career in recruitment it’s worth taking some time to think about your skills, weaknesses, ambitions and priorities to make sure that you’re applying to the right roles. 


2. Do your research 

Do you want to work in-house or for an agency? Both are recruitment but they have their own quirks and benefits. Making the right decision for you will be the foundation of your career. Talk to others in those positions and do your research, identifying which route is best for you and who those employers are. 


3. Build your personal brand 

What is a personal brand? It’s all the information you put out into the world and how you put it out there. Making sure your CV is high-quality, your LinkedIn profile is up-to-date, your social media platforms are either locked down or the content is suitable for a potential employer to view. It’s also worth doing a google of your name and seeing what comes up. 


4. Target your dream employer 

With your research completed, you can start to keep an eye on opportunities at your dream employer. If they don’t have any advertised vacancies then it’s always worth contacting the hiring manager directly for an informal chat to make yourself and your ambitions known. 


5. Look for opportunities 

Job boards, LinkedIn, word of mouth, company websites. Your job is to become the Sherlock Holmes of the recruitment world - sniffing out your opportunity. Don’t wait for it to come to you, be proactive and if you still can’t find anything online, pick up the phone and start calling agencies and businesses to create an opportunity. 


6. Network 

If you aren’t getting anywhere through traditional methods then it’s time to start building a network. Do you know anyone who works in the sector or companies you want to work? Do any of your friends know anyone? Are you connected on LinkedIn? Put yourself out there and start building your network. 


7. Planning and preparation 

An interview isn’t the time to wing it. Take your time and prepare yourself. Think about the type of questions you might be asked and your answers. Research the company and think about what you want to find out about them. You want to build a rapport with them and this is your opportunity to get under the skin and find out if it’s the right place to kick start your career in recruitment.  


8. Smash that interview 

Take a deep breath, lay off the caffeine, arrive 5 minutes early, have your questions ready and be your best self. Use all your research, practice and passion to show them why you would be amazing at the role.  


9. Decision time 

Even if your dream employer offers you a position, take a moment to think about it properly. Is the package what you were expecting, what promotion opportunities are there, does the start date work for you? You need to think long-term when making this decision, so don’t rush into it. 


10. Keep one step ahead 

Congratulations on your new job! Recruitment is a roller coaster of a profession so strap yourself in. But don’t settle for average. Progress your career by keeping one step ahead. Seek out any opportunity, constantly develop yourself and build your network.  



Launching your dream career in recruitment comes down to a few key factors. Passion, determination, preparation and perseverance. With those 4 qualities you’ll be unstoppable, not just in landing that first role but in building a long, happy, rewarding career.  


Take it one step at a time and if in doubt borrow the Scout’s motto and “Always be prepared”.


Source Group International are on the lookout for fresh talent to join our global journey. Hardworking, determined, ready to leave the ordinary recruitment career behind? Speak to our internal talent team today to find out about our current opportunities. careers@sourcegroupinternational.com 

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