Why choose a career in recruitment?

Working in recruitment is a rewarding experience for many people. If you’re an outgoing person with a passion for helping others, you might be thinking about a career in recruitment and a career at SGI. Here are some reasons why working in recruitment is a great career option.

Freedom to manage priorities

Once you are trained, you’ll start to build your own base of clients and candidates. Most recruitment desks are remunerated mostly by the commission on placements. So, you’ll be motivated to work hard and follow approaches that yield the best

results. This is good for you (as you’ll earn more bonuses) and good for the company. That gives you a lot of freedom to manage your own time and set your own priorities.

Uncapped earning and progression

Most recruitment firms offer commission with no ceiling. This means that the only limit to how much money you can make is your own dedication. Recruitment companies also usually offer very good progression tracks for all roles too. So you’ll have room to grow and earn promotions. It’s not uncommon for a Junior Recruitment Consultant to earn a promotion within the first 6-12 months.

Helping others achieve

Where you work is a big part of your identity. And that’s true for your candidates as well. By finding attractive placements for your candidates, they’ll experience a sense of achievement, improved self-esteem and high life satisfaction. Plus, when you find great candidates for your clients, they’ll reward you with loyalty and repeat business. Helping others achieve their goals feels pretty good too.

Leave Ordinary Behind 

Variety each day

If you hate drudgery and the routine of most working environments, recruitment is ideal. No two days are the same. On any given day you could attend client meetings, screen candidates over the phone, conduct face-to-face interviews, pitch for new business, negotiate contracts or prepare reports. Since most of the work is self-directed, there’s no excuse to be bored.

As you can see, joining the field of recruitment has a lot of great characteristics. At SGI, we’re looking for new talent to join us across our teams. Hardworking, super motivated, gritty. If that’s you, then join SGI, hack your own career, accelerate your earning potential, and have a lot of fun.

Let’s chat about your recruitment career.

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