The hiring process, stages conducted and combined to identify and recognize the best talent for your recruitment needs. The stakes between good recruitment and bad recruitment have never been so high. You’re probably familiar with some of the stats:

These are only a few of the trends that are making it hard to identify, attract, and retain great talent even when you have a well-oiled recruitment machine. Time to weed these common hiring mistakes out of your processes! Here we’ll give you a brief overview of 5 common mistakes in technical recruitment.

Looking at the CVs before the technical interview

The technical interview in the recruitment process, needs to be the priority, after all the technical interview is there to measure ability. Don’t fall into a honey pot of unconscious bias; the technical interview will provide the skills necessary for your vacancy requirements.

Not having an interview plan

Not having a clear interview plan can be detrimental to your recruitment process. Think about the interview and allocate interview area and focus to each interviewer, in advance of the interview, understand what matters for you and your processes. By concentrating the skill areas and planning in advance, you will build a collective view of your interviewee.

Letting interviewers see feedback

Don’t let your interviewers see one another’s feedback during the interview process, an independently formed judgement from each interviewer is far more valuable and effective for successful interview results.

Giving an open-ended take on assessment

Within the technical recruitment process there’s generally an assessment provided. Ensure you provide a time limit for your assessments; you want and need the interviewee to perform at their best potential within the given time period. Make an informed decision from your process and assessment and identify the right candidate, a time constraint creates pressure, but also quality.

Don’t forget the CV review

Include the CV review in your recruitment, the CV review needs to be the first step of the hiring process. We are all aware, CV reviews are biased, CV’s don’t necessarily stand out, and top of the funnel is the biggest problem you have in recruitment.

The CV review needs to be included in the process – no matter what experience your interviewee has. There is the inkling to just rely upon the technical stage of the interview, especially with General Software Developer roles, new grads, early talent etc – but ensure you do both. Senior candidates are generally little less eager to complete assessments as the first stage of the process, utilize their CVs, don’t just jump to the rejection letter.

Our skilled recruiters are always on hand to provide guidance and suggestion with your recruitment processes to achieve the most from your interviewees. If you have a query about your technical interview processes please get in touch today :  check out our news and blogs for more recruitment tips, industry news and Source Expertise.

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