When you are recruiting, your main aim will be to get the best candidate for the vacancies you have available. However, finding them can be tough, especially if you’ve experienced hiring people that don’t turn out the way you hoped! Rather than continuing down this path of recruitment stress, take a moment to consider some of our quick wins to improve your interview experience and help turn your recruitment slump into a success.

Take Time to Craft Your Adverts for the Candidates You Want

With the majority of job adverts now posted online, it is essential that you take the time to carefully craft your adverts to get the right attention. Start with the title of your advert and consider what the candidates will be typing into their searches to get the most views of your ad.

Within the advert, you will need to provide a clear overview of the job you are offering as well as the benefits people can look forward to enjoying if they are successful. Do not spend hours writing a lengthy advert as this can be off-putting. Keep it short and positive and then offer to answer questions for candidates that want to get in touch. This will help you cast the net further afield and improve your interview.

Prepare a Thorough Interview Process

Gone are the days where a five-question interview is enough to find the right person for a job. These days candidates expect and prepare for a much more in-depth experience, and this allows you to get to see what they are made of before you hire.

Taking the time to plan specific and relevant tasks and questions will help you put the candidates through their paces, improve your interview, and give them an insight into what it will be like to work for you.

Hire a Recruitment Specialist

If you find that no matter what you are doing, you cannot find the right people then consider hiring a recruiter to support your efforts. Recruitment specialists offer far more than just finding temporary cover, and they can help you evaluate your current recruitment mechanisms and help you improve your interview system.

They also have access to a huge number of candidates and can help you sift through the potential to find the right people to interview. Niche recruiters are a great choice because they will also have a strong understanding of your business area.

Create a Great First Impression

When it comes to communicating with potential employees, the first impression really does count. This means having a dedicated person prepped and ready to answer questions about the job and application process from the moment the job goes live.

It also means being warm and welcoming on the day of the interview and making people feel that you are glad they made the effort, even if you are dreading another day of interviewing candidates. The more welcome people feel, the more likely it is that you will get the candidate you need.

Offer Thoughtful Feedback

One the interviews are over, and you have offered the job to the successful candidate you will need to contact the other applicants to let them know they have not been successful. As part of this process, you should offer to provide feedback on the interview, no matter how brief.

When giving feedback, try to avoid generic statements that will not help them to progress. Instead, offer them thoughtful feedback that they can use to improve their performance next time. Remember, one piece of personalised feedback may be the difference between them getting their next job or not. They took the time to apply to your company so you should take the time to support their next steps.

Create an Excellent Induction Scheme

Once you have start to improve your interview process, don’t stop there! You new employees will be expecting great things from you, so give them an induction scheme that will impress. Induction schemes are a great way to motivate your current team into supporting new starters and providing them with the warm welcome that will help them settle in.

Achieve Great Results With Xplore

Once you begin to implement some of these ideas, you should start to see the quality of candidates improving and more successful hires. Using a recruitment expert like the team here at Xplore will help take some pressure off you so that you can focus on the other areas of your business. Why not give us a call today and find out what we have to offer – you will be glad you did.

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