Personal branding in recruitment is on the rise, and for good reason. With so many recruiters competing for the big accounts, retainers, and top candidates, standing out and establishing yourself as the best option is essential to gaining an edge in today's market.

The best way to achieve this is by providing value to your network. Simple as that. Simple? Yes. Easy? Kind of.

There are some quick wins and straightforward frameworks that can transform your LinkedIn presence (and other social media platforms) from a job posting robot into a hub where qualified connections flock to learn, share, and buy into what you have to offer. Hopefully, that’s a second-to-none recruitment experience.

One enlightening, well-written, succinct post will outperform 50 calls—perhaps even 500—from a sheer numbers perspective alone. With LinkedIn’s algorithm prioritizing user-generated content far above corporate pages, now is the perfect time to attract business by establishing yourself as an authority in the recruitment ecosystem. Here’s how to do just that.


Some Interesting Statistics

  • Tesla: 23M Followers > Elon Musk: 186M Followers
  • The Diary of a CEO: 29K LinkedIn Followers > Steven Bartlett: 2.3M LinkedIn Followers
  • 22,000 LinkedIn Followers > Alex Hormozi: 380,250 LinkedIn Followers

You get the point. The average CEO/Co-Founder's profile page usually has 10 times the following, meaning 10 times the potential customers engaging with that person's page. People buy into people, not faceless corporate pages that post soulless, jargon-filled articles that show no personality. As a consultant, you have the power to attract thousands of potential leads to YOU, without having to dial a single phone number. Doesn’t that sound nice?


Where to Start

Create a Featured Section on Your LinkedIn Profile

Recruiter Profile Set Up

This is your shop window. There should be three easy actions potential business customers can take on your profile page in order to work with you. These could be:

A clean, eye-catching featured section is essential for those who find their way to your profile from your recent posts, potentially looking to work with you.

Clarity = Conversion. Make a point to create 2-3 on-brand thumbnails that drive traffic to relevant links and actions from your profile. Failing to do so could mean leaving a lot of potential business and money on the table.


Content That Works: 3 pillars for ideas

So you’ve set up your thumbnails and have clear CTAs for those who find their way there. So how do we drive traffic to your profile? And, more importantly, make them want to work with you on their next work/hiring opportunity?

This is where content comes into play. By writing short, succinct posts that encourage learning, conversation, and familiarity with you, thousands of potential business partnerships will find their way to your profile.

Break down your content into these three main pillars, and you’ll create a systematic value machine that will solidify you as the go-to consultant when those contacts need a great recruiter:

  • Expertise (Interview techniques, how to prepare a candidate, how you won over a client)
  • Improvement (3 things you stopped doing this year, How you stay organized, post a poll)
  • Familiarity (A business event you attended, how you unwind outside of work, something funny you saw online)

Focus on building your impressions by posting and commenting regularly on relevant posts and providing valuable insights. It's only a matter of time before you see a massive uptick in inbound traffic to your profile, where visitors can easily decide which of your available services is right for them.


Framework for a high performing post 

A good recruitment post can be broken down into the following 3 sections, consistenly posting in this format with a relevant image, infographic or video will place you amongst the recruiters, and business influencers you consistntly see on your feed.


Subject Line:

  • Metric (Contain some kind of number, statistic or metric) 
  • Curiosity (Propose a problem, or elude to something valuable) 
  • Encouragement (Ask reader to read on)

Post Copy:

  • Proposed Value (Fulfil the expectation of the subject line)
  • + Extra Value (Add an extra tip or fact that they were'nt expecting)


  • Drive action now (Ask for a like or save)
  • Invest in later (Ask reader to follow you if they find this kind of post valuable)

This framework, coupled with one of the three pillars mentioned earlier, can make up a good 80% of your posts, leaving 20% to experiment and try new ideas.

With your job postings going out and regular content that demonstrates authority, provides value, and drives action, you’ll be well on your way to attracting your ideal customer. By the time they find you, they’ll be familiar with you and aware of the problems you can help them solve.


Extra Value for your network

Once you've mastered the art of posting consistently in a format that performs. You can expand into the following mediums to provide even higher converting content.

(We use our event highlight reels to give potential clients and candidates a taste for our community events) 

Generative AI - The Good and Bad

Chat GPT, Claude, Bard—these can all be extremely useful tools. However, for generating original, well-thought-out, non-generic content, they’re pretty rubbish.

Here’s a Checklist for When to Implement Chat GPT and Similar Tools into Your Social Selling Process:

Using AI – What It’s Good For:

  • Formatting, spelling, and grammar checking
  • Suggesting complementary emojis for your content
  • Suggesting complementary hashtags
  • Providing alternative subject lines or call-to-actions
  • Finishing what you start

What It’s Rubbish For:

  • Not sounding robotic or repetitive
  • Offering an opinion or idea with any substance
  • Being an expert on your niche or industry

Leaning into your personality is key. Your vibe attracts your tribe, and no one can outdo you at being you. Bring these people on your journey; share relevant images, perspective, and events that portray your competency as a recruiter.


This is just the tip of the iceberg, but by taking that leap and sharing your thoughts, the possibilities are truly mind-blowing. Six months from now will still be six months from now, no matter how you justify it. So imagine if you scheduled a daily post and everything worked out better than you could have ever imagined.

At SGI, we run these workshops for our consultants, not only to give them a strategic advantage over the competition, but more importantly to actively discuss and demonstrate the amazing service we provide to candidates and clients.

If you are a budding consultant searching for a company that will assist you in developing your personal brand aswell as your recruitment skillset, explore our open positions at SGI.

Lastly, if you found this content valuable, fantastic! We use this framework ourselves on our LinkedIn Page, so be sure to follow us for more content around being an awesome recruiter.

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