The medical devices industry is fast-paced and experiencing a period of growth within life sciences. Driven by advances in technology and innovation to push the boundaries of what is possible.

From a recruitment perspective that brings the challenge of finding qualified candidates, with the relevant experience and industry knowledge. And then when you do manage to find those candidates you need to assure them that they’re making the right decision by choosing to work with you.

It’s a tough market.

The industry is complicated and that combined with recruitment challenges presents a real risk of having unfilled positions and missing out on opportunities.

Here are a few strategies and tips to find, and hire medical device professionals in the current marketplace.

Know what they want

Medical device professionals are highly skilled and highly sought after. That puts them in a position to expect a competitive salary and benefits. Before you even get to your overarching recruitment strategy you need to look at what you’re offering.

Is it in line with the rest of your industry?

Is it competitive?

Is it offering the right benefits?

Those are deal breakers for many medical device professionals and it's essential to regularly review and update your pacakge if you want to attract top talent.

For many medical device professionals while the benefits are appreciated one of the bigger draws is the opportunity to indirectly improve or save someone’s life. Tapping into this motivation will help to highlight why your role is the best choice. If you can add into that the career progression on offer then that’s even better.

Focus on relationships

When recruitment gets tough it’s easy to fall into the trap of only seeing candidates in their quantifiable terms. Qualifications, years of experience, type of experience. But when you switch to focusing on building relationships a change happens.

Retention rates increase, employee productivity improves and employers have more confidence in the team fit when appointing. Understanding what makes somebody tick, what drives them and what their goals are - even if not related to this specific job, helps give you a far more useful insight than solely focusing on their employment and education history.

It also creates a more positive hiring process, so if that candidate isn’t right for this role yet they’ll remember you favourably down the line when their experience has improved. Building relationships with all candidates in the process, whether successful or not, starts to develop a pipeline of new hires for you to cultivate and capitalise on when the time is right.

Recruiters are the key

It may seem that we’re biased when we say this. But external recruitment agencies can be overlooked when it comes to creating a recruitment strategy. We think the key to a successful recruitment strategy, particularly for medical device professionals, is collaboration.

Internal and external recruitment resources working together to find the best candidate for the opportunity. Time, resources and networks are the foundations of a good recruitment campaign and external recruiters are in a great position to capitalise on them.

External recruiters often have networks and methods of finding high-quality candidates that internal teams don’t and that makes them the key to successfully recruiting for your new medical device professional.

If you’re struggling to recruit, your recruitment has stalled or you simply don’t have the time to proactively seek out the best candidates then external recruiters are an essential component of your recruitment strategy. There will be a cost to it but when you look at the potential savings from a shorter search the benefits outweigh

Now more than ever it’s crucial to fill your vacancies with qualified candidates, not the candidates you can find who will do. Reviewing your package, building relationships and working with the right external recruiter are all straightforward ways to make sure you’re capitalising on your recruitment activities.

After all, recruiting can be an expensive process and it’s not an area you can afford to cut back, or fall short in. Particularly when the marketplace is as competitive as it is right now and medical device professionals are in high demand. 

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