What are the most in-demand Cloud Development Jobs, and how do you enter a job in Cloud Development?

Our world today is full of fast technological advances. Cloud Development is pivotal to these. A job in Cloud Development is as exciting as it is lucrative. Data from Gartner Talent Neuron, states that a median Cloud Salary is $146,350 per year. Despite this healthy remuneration offering, there is a distinct shortage of Cloud Development professionals out there. There is a huge demand for professionals and talent across this industry, and the industry is predicted to grow to 300 billion in 2021.


We’d first suggest familiarizing yourself with the prevalent Cloud platforms. Amazon AWS, Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure. Employers that leverage these platforms are actively looking for experts to deploy applications and analyze data. Highlighting and demonstrating that you can successfully use these platforms will give you a competitive edge against the other candidates.

Let’s look at the most in-demand Cloud Development jobs out there. What skills do you need for these jobs? Do you need additional qualifications? How do you transition into a Cloud Development job?



Our first hot Cloud job is the Cloud Sales Manager. Do you enjoy marketing? Are you a good salesperson? Got a passion for the cloud, but perhaps not the IT qualifications to match? To get a Cloud Sales Manager job, you only need a strong academic background in any discipline, related IT knowledge, and sales and marketing ability. The Cloud Sales Manager is responsible for selling the solution. Did you know, a Cloud Sales Manager can take home an impressive salary.  Cloud Sales Managers pocket between $120,000 and $140,000 per year.



Cloud Architects are responsible for developing and implementing cloud setups. The Cloud Architect ensures that the systems are reliable, secure, and scalable, and overall supportive to achieve the best business performance.

This role requires an educational background in computer science, as well as knowledge of Linux and Windows. Technical experience in Python, Shell, and VBScript is an added advantage.

Cloud Architects earn between $140,000 and $150,000 per annum.



Cloud computer system and network administrators (CCSNA) optimize network software, support operations, and maintain cloud infrastructure. In some organizations, they are also in charge of implementing and maintaining communication and hardware connections.

To jump into a career as a CCSANA you will need a background education in Computer Science or Engineering, and you must know your way around Python, Perl, and Shell. Cloud Computer Systems and Network Administrators take home about $110,000 per year.

These are our top 3 Cloud Development roles to mention, but there are plenty more including cloud consultant and cloud security developer positons, and they’re on the increase and demand as more businesses transition towards Cloud operation. Over the past three years, job searches that included keywords related to the top cloud providers, such as ‘Google Cloud,’ ‘Azure,’ or ‘AWS,’ have increased by 223%, and job listings that included these terms in the description rose by 101% over the same time frame.


The Future of Cloud



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