We will continue to deliver our SGI services to the high standards you would expect of us. We have adapted our way of working and have robust and flexible plans in place so we can continue to support you during this uncertain and difficult time.

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Recruiting for Success – you still can during Covid-19

These are undoubtedly unprecedented and testing times; but the current situation doesn’t mean your hiring needs must standstill.

Covid-19 doesn’t mean that you can’t recruit. Across SGI our brands are working as normal and continue to have access to excellent talent and strength in candidates across Life Sciences and Technology.

Recruit remotely – with our help.

We understand that remote recruit is certainly going to be key during the current times.

  • We’ll still source great candidates for you and present you their CVs – we can discuss your needs and who you want to take forward over the phone or via video chat.
  • Conduct first-round interviews over the phone, it’s a great way to get a first impression of a candidate and their skills.
  • Embrace video interviews – whether as a first-round or final round, video interviews couldn’t be easier to conduct these days.

We have seen great some work from our clients across SGI, in how they are adapting to their recruiting.

One we’ve noticed has gone above and beyond to look after their new employees and ensure their virtual onboarding is seamless during this time.

“One of our clients has gone to all interviews over VC and everyone is now remote. They are also adapting for their new employees and registering them on their healthcare early before they start their full-time employment, to ensure the employees are covered by their health insurance plans should they get ill before they start full-time employment.”

SGI are here for you, to support your hiring needs, providing wisdom or guidance, or just an ear to listen.

Reach out to our expert consultants and stay safe. Hello@sourcegroupinternational.com

By: Rebecca Lauder-Fletcher

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