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Yesterday was International Men’s Day, the day the day focuses on 6 pillars; supporting male health issues; improving gender relations; promoting gender equality; celebrating male contributions to society; and promoting male role models.

Mental Health plays a big part in International Men’s Day, and we recognise and appreciate that Mental Health in the Workplace is vital for both productivity and overall happiness in the office.

“1 in 6 British workers are affected by conditions like anxiety and depression every year. It is a myth that people with mental health problems can’t work. With the right support people with mental health problems perform vital roles in workplaces across the country.”*

We know that an employee’s mental wellbeing is influenced by many different factors – for example, gender, racism, disability, and financial wellbeing. Here are the SGI top 4 reasons why mental health and wellbeing are at the top our our list.

One – Employees Feel Valued

If you value an employee’s mental health, they will value you as their employer. It is a simple yet powerful notion but, we all want to feel understood. Focussing on maintaining good mental health means putting a healthy workforce at the top of your priorities.

Two – Employees Want to Work Harder

If an employee feels that you care about their health, then they will want to work harder and smarter for you. Showing that you respect a person’s health has health benefits – they do not feel isolated and know that they can approach you with any concerns.

Three – A Happy Ship Equals Innovation

One of the by products of a healthy staff is innovation. If people have fewer worries, then they are more likely to innovate in the workplace. This is especially important in the Life Science field and can help to put you on the map!

Four – It Saves You Money

A healthy team is a happy team, this will only mean less sickness absence and less unpaid leave time. If the workforce is more present then they will be able to gel better as a team and produce more, and better quality, work. It seems to be a winning combination!

Five – Your Reputation will Precede You!

By putting a focus on good mental health, you will be the talk of the industry and that is good news as you will be inundated with quality candidates for all your future vacancies. You will also enjoy the accolades you rightly deserve by other companies, making you a leader in the industry.

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