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SGI Virtual Onboarding

Virtual Onboarding is a new way forward, at SGI we’re adapting to the reality of virtual onboarding. Onboarding a new employee sets the tone to their working experience, it introduces the values of the company, the day-to-day running of the business, the company-wide meetings, and this is all straight forward and easily implemented for the employee in the physical office environment, but how can you ensure your remote employees are onboarded to the same effect and standard?

SGI presents the Virtual Onboarding guide.

Top Tips from the Team to ensure your virtual onboarding process hits all the top notes.

What’s it like to be a woman in recruitment? 

Did you know – the employee’s first 90 days are critical to success in the workplace? If those first days are memorable your odds of ending up with a highly engaged and successful employee increase dramatically! Don’t make their first days stressful and tedious – make the onboarding process rewarding and engaging. Make it memorable for your talent!

Download our useful guide here, share it with your connections, and reach out to let us know how you’re adapting your onboarding process for success.

Download our guide

We’ve found the Culture IQ blog really useful in our research- check it out!


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