Finding just the right candidates for your vacant technology jobs in Copenhagen can be a real challenge. It isn’t always easy to find candidates who have just the experience and skills that you need to take your business to a new level, but here at Source Technology we’re proud to have the expertise to solve all your recruitment issues quickly and effectively. We’re proud to be leading the way in the international technology recruitment sector, and with such a wide database of talented candidates on our books, we know we’ll be able to find the perfect candidates for you.

We can handle all your recruitment needs across the whole spectrum of the technology field, sourcing qualified, talented and skilled professionals who meet your precise needs. Perhaps you’re seeking temporary contractors who have the energy and ability to fill your skills gap. Or maybe you need to find the ideal permanent employee to be a long-term asset to the team. We always dedicate our effort and time to finding out every single one of your recruitment requirements to allow us to find just the right candidate to meet your criteria.

We have been in business for five years in the international technology industry, so you can rely on us to be your trustworthy and reputable recruitment partner. As a part of Source Group International, we have a large network of candidates across all aspects of the technology sector thanks to our offices in America, the UK and Switzerland, so we’re certain to be able to find the right talent for you.


Our specialist team source professionals working in all technological areas, so you can be confident that we’ll find the perfect candidates for your technology jobs in Copenhagen. We won’t just source candidates for you – we’ll take the time and effort necessary to source the perfect candidates for you who not only have the skills and experience that you require but also the right personality to fit perfectly with your business vision.

From professionals with an expertise in AI, software development or electronics engineering to project managers with years in the field, we have an extensive pool of international talent for you to choose from.

When you outsource to us, you’ll also save your company the cost and effort of handling your recruitment yourself. When you have access to our international talent base, you’ll have your pick of the most skilled professionals in your sector.