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Top tips for discovering a recruitment career in London?

Trying to get into recruitment? There are lots of great ways to get your foot in the door. From networking to working with a dedicated recruiter, here are our top tips for discovering a recruitment career in London.

  1. Start networking locally – Sometimes it is who you know. Networking can help you meet the right people to jumpstart your recruitment career. Look for local business networking groups that are relevant to your professional life stage to make connections you can use to progress your search.
  2. Build a focused LinkedIn profile – Create the right profile and the work might come to you. Focus on communication, time management, organisation, sales, computer and phone skills. Perhaps take some free online courses to get specific training that will show a recruitment headhunter you’re interested in joining the recruitment field.
  3. Find your own recruitment consultant – Having a team to go to marketing for you can save you a lot of time. Some recruiters specialise in hiring within the Recruitment field and can provide advice on how to tailor your CV and experience. They may also have open roles which are suitable to put you forward for.
  4. Canvas local recruitment firms – You can always (digitally) knock on doors. A quick google search will tell you the names of several local recruitment firms. A well-structured email can help get you a meeting, internship or interview. And it just takes a few minutes to write a really good inquiry email.
  5. Apply for any entry-level openings – If you know you’re taking your first steps into recruitment, you may not have many (if any) transferable skills. But, most entry-level placements don’t require any experience, just GCSEs. By applying, you’re also putting your name into the HR databases of desirable employers in case future roles are a better fit.
  6. Strike out on your own – While this might not be for everyone, it’s possible to work as an independent recruitment consultant or found your own firm. You may need to take some further education courses and invest in recruitment software to enable this. But traditional employment is not the only way to work in recruitment.

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If you’re considering recruitment as a career path, why not talk to us. We’re obsessed with placing people in the right roles and have connections that could make your journey quicker.

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