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Women in Recruitment Interview 2

Installation 2 of SGI Women in Recruitment, we find ourselves in a completely different atmosphere and surroundings, but at SGI we don’t want to forget about our internal talent and successes.

It is estimated that 39% of the global workforce are women, and in the recruitment industry, this statistic worsens; gender imbalance is present across a large number of leadership roles and boardrooms.

At SGI, we are on a mission to increase females and female leaders in our organization, we want to see diversity increase across the recruitment industry and build on our female talent. Women are a major part of the human resource of an economy and a company thus their empowerment and development are essential for the development of the said economy.

SGI Women in Recruitment 2, interviews Shakara Rose, one of our lead talents at SGI, she’s currently heading up our New York Source Team, with a focus on Data & Software Engineering.


How has the industry changed about its treatment and attitudes of women?

S: My experience in the industry has always been slightly shaded, I’ve been lucky enough to find myself working in companies who have always championed women and female leaders.

I know that it is a male-dominated industry, however, there are key examples where gender differences are broken down and progressive thinking is coming through.


Do you believe there are equal opportunities for women in recruitment?

S: No, it’s a white male-dominated environment. As I black female the doors don’t open for me the same way they do for my male colleagues. And this challenge will not disappear overnight.


What needs to be done to take the industry to the next level?

S: The industry needs to transform into a career led approach, focused on value and development of those in the industry. The industry needs to move away from the ‘laddish’ tendencies.


How has working at SGI been different from other experiences in your career?

S: At SGI I’ve been given a great deal of autonomy. It’s an adult environment, where success is measured by not only just in results but in effort and contribution and attitude. This really makes SGI stand out from the crowd.


Do you think being a woman in recruitment has given you any benefits over other team members?

S: Unfortunately, there is the small essence of being able to ‘flirt and convert’, but that’s playing to gender derogatory and gender discrimination.


What challenges do you think women still face in the recruitment industry?

S: Our largest challenge is ourselves, females need to push the boundaries and break the mould, we too easily become complacent. If women want to be successful in Recruitment, they need to break the status quo and become reputable, trusted and forward-thinking.


Have you ever experienced sexism in the workplace?

S: I am quite a strong character, so I don’t necessarily see if there is sexism in the workplace, I’ve never felt the desire to talk about. Unfortunately, though, there are tons of sexism across the workplace.


Do you feel anyone treats you differently as a woman in recruitment?

S: Absolutely, but this falls in line with male and female relationships. I find that males will congratulate and thank you privately and directly as a female, whereas if males are supporting males it is much more of a public affair.


Connect with Shakara on LinkedIn here. 

We’re on a journey to improve diversity across the Recruitment Industry, and slowly but surely, we’re making progress. You D&I strategy is vital to success, and after we’re out of Covid-19, we’re back to work and normal routines, a diverse workforce will lead to results. Let’s change the face of recruitment for good and for the best.







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