Discover Hybrid Working

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Introducing our hybrid flexible working model that offers, choice, flexibility, and trust

Our hybrid working works because we stick to three core principles:

Performance Management. We will continue to focus on performance outcomes and deliverables.

Customer Comes First. Provision of a timely and high-quality service takes

Meeting Obligations. Both internal & external meetings must be

Work from home. Design your day to fit around your life commitments. All employees work from home and do a half-day on Fridays

Work from the office. Design your working day around your contracted hours to fit your life commitments. Core office hours for collaboration are 10am-4pm. Take up to 1.5 hours lunch.

Work from Anywhere. Choose your location. Work your contracted hours whenever and from wherever it best suits you.

Available for Principal, Executive, and Managing Consultants. Collaborate. Share your knowledge back to the business in person or virtually.

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