This case study explores how Source Technology, a tech recruitment specialist, assisted SIX Group in fulfilling critical roles within their Security Team.

Challenges and Solutions:

SIX Group faced urgent hiring needs for a Security Architect and a Cloud Infrastructure Engineer. Traditional recruitment methods proved insufficient for finding qualified candidates with the specific skillsets required within the Swiss financial services sector.

Source Technology utilized its expertise in understanding niche requirements within the financial industry. By leveraging their network and tailored approach, they successfully placed both specialists within SIX Group's Security Team.

Building a Strategic Partnership:

The success of this collaboration led to an invitation for Source Technology to participate in the tender process for SIX Group's Preferred Supplier List (PSL). We demonstrated the value and trust established through their initial collaboration.

Measurable Results:

This case study provides insights into the tangible outcomes of the partnership. From being shortlisted as a potential PSL vendor to the successful placement of crucial personnel, Source Technology showcased its ability to deliver results.

Key Takeaways:

This case study offers valuable insights for hiring managers in the financial services sector, exploring how Source Technology can:

  • Address urgent hiring needs with targeted recruitment strategies.
  • Navigate the complexities of finding niche talent within the financial industry.
  • Foster long-term partnerships through successful recruitment outcomes.
  • Deliver measurable results based on their proven track record.

Further Information:

To learn more about Source Technology's approach and the specific details of its collaboration with SIX Group, download our case study now. 

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