Empowering Nike with Tailored Tech Talent Solutions

This case study explores how Source Technology, a staffing solutions specialist, assisted NIKE, Inc. in filling critical roles within their data and analytics team.

Challenges and Solutions:

Nike faced an urgent need to fill vacancies for a Tableau Developer and an Alteryx Developer after a key team member's departure left a gap in knowledge and support. Despite extended search efforts, finding candidates with the right blend of functional, consulting, and technical expertise proved challenging.

Source Technology stepped in to address these needs. By thoroughly reviewing the job descriptions and engaging in detailed discussions with the hiring manager, they refined the requirements to focus on essential skills. This streamlined approach enabled them to present several qualified candidates within days, facilitating swift interviews and selections.

Building a Strategic Partnership:

The success of this collaboration was highlighted when Source Technology's candidate, was swiftly chosen for the Alteryx role. Initially, also handled Tableau responsibilities until another Source Technology candidate was introduced to take over the Tableau work, allowing our first team member to focus on Alteryx while also coaching. Additionally, Source Technology supplied a suitable Scrum Master, Data Analyst, and Machine Learning Engineer for various teams in the Netherlands.

Measurable Results:

This case study provides insights into the tangible outcomes of the partnership. From successfully filling critical roles to fostering a collaborative and knowledgeable team environment, Source Technology showcased its ability to deliver effective and timely recruitment solutions.

Key Takeaways:

This case study offers valuable insights for hiring managers in the technology sector, demonstrating how Source Technology can:

  • Address urgent hiring needs with targeted recruitment strategies.
  • Refine job descriptions to attract candidates with the precise expertise required.
  • Navigate the complexities of finding niche talent within the tech industry.
  • Foster long-term partnerships through successful recruitment outcomes.
  • Deliver measurable results based on their proven track record.

Further Information:

To learn more about Source Technology's approach and the specific details of its collaboration with Nike, download our case study now.

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