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Our Goal Is To Become The Employer Of Choice Across Our Locations.

Our goal is to become the employer of choice across our locations, so we’re proud to offer a work experience and environment where everyone can thrive. A place that brings out the best in you. Where you’ll work so hard that you exceed your own expectations, and love every minute of the journey.


With only 8 steps to MD and a market-leading benefits and incentives programme, there is no ceiling at SGI. We believe in rewarding our employees fairly for their performance, offering benefits that support true wealth. Increased performance = increased reward, and it’s as simple as that.


To us, learning isn’t about stuffy classrooms or irrelevant training courses you’ll never use. We keep things simple and exciting, working with the very best in the industry to give you training and development opportunities that evolve and excel your career.


We believe all modern businesses have the responsibility to do the right thing for their community, employees, and the environment. Good performance simply isn’t enough. We’re constantly improving our CSR efforts, implementing exciting programmes in collaboration with our community, our customers, our business partners, and you!