Benefits For Your Health and Wealth.

At SGI, we take your wealth seriously, and that spans far beyond financial matters. As well as offering attractive financial benefits, incentives and opportunities to our team, we’re committed to your health and well-being too.

Our #HackYourOwn programs offer team members the chance to reach their full potential, while shaping the incredible culture that makes us.

#HackYourOwn Social

To us, the term ‘work/life balance’ doesn’t accurately describe what employees need. People are no longer settling for jobs that just pay the bills, and we celebrate that. Our employee’s working calendars vibrant, varied, and fun, with breakfast clubs, CSR days, Friday socials and a work from anywhere policy.

  • Flexible working policy – Work from anywhere!
  • Summer BBQ & Christmas Party
  • Team socials & SGI Fridays
  • 1 x CSR days to support personal and local causes,
  • Social Office Locations
  • Extra time off
  • SGI Passport - Spend 1 week working at any SGI Hub!
  • SGI Lunch & Breakfast Clubs
  • Source Talks Community
  • SGI Highflyers
  • Quarterly & Annual Awards
  • CSR – Ecologi
  • Charity – We support 2 main SGI Charities - Meningitis Now & GOSH
  • Holiday Incentive
  • New SGI Awards Format

#HackYourOwn Health

A happy and healthy team is the driving force behind a company’s growth, creating a fantastic culture along the way. We offer an extensive list of benefits and incentives that focus on our employees’ mental and physical health, including Friday afternoons off, complementary eye checks and extended parenting leave.

  • Development days given to support personal growth
  • Employee Assistance Program (EAP) and coaching
  • Extra time off – Friday afternoons, day off on your birthday!
  • Flexible Hybrid Working – Work from Anywhere
  • Holiday rollover up to four days
  • Mental Health in Recruitment events
  • SGI Passport
  • Extended Maternity & Paternity leave
  • Hybrid Working
    • Friday afternoon Off
    • Perks @ Work
    • Football Club
    • Access to EAP
    • SGI Fitness
    • Quarterly Socials
    • SGI Passport
    • SGI Internal Talks
    • SGI Matters

#HackYourOwn Learning

To empower and prepare our employees for new progression opportunities, we’re constantly offering learning incentives that pave the way for growth. Programs like SGI Academy and promotion development plans give every employee the opportunity to excel in their career with us. The sky is your limit!

  • Intro to Management
  • Source Talks & Xplore Talks Community
  • L&D Curriculum
  • Competencies Framework & promotion development plans
  • Managing for Higher Performance
  • SGI Academy
  • Manager led knowledge sessions
  • Exec Development Program
  • Senior Management Coaching
  • On desk coaching & development